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Frequently Asked Questions

About Pooled Trusts

We are here to help guide you and answer any questions you have! Review these frequently asked questions for more information.

Call (678) 365-0071 and ask for our Trust Services Department. Someone will help you walk through the process. 

A pooled trust is a special type of irrevocable supplemental needs trust where a not-for-profit trustee agrees to manage assets for the benefit of a person with a disability. This allows individuals to protect money to gain and maintain financial eligibility for means-tested government benefits, including Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Funds deposited into the trust help pay for items and services that are for the primary benefit of the trust beneficiary, such as monthly living expenses and life-enhancing purchases that a person’s benefits typically do not provide.

You can participate in a pooled trust with GCT of BDI if you are a Georgia resident who is disabled as defined by Social Security Law Section 1614(A)(3) [42 USC §1382C(A)(3)]. This includes people with disabilities and adults over age 65 who are experiencing disabling chronic health conditions. 

GCT of BDI are qualifying pooled supplemental needs trusts authorized by 42 U.S.C. § 1396p (d)(4)(C), and available to people with disabilities of any age. 

The primary reason to establish a pooled trust is to protect funds so that a person can qualify and/or maintain financial eligibility for means-tested government benefits. 

Pooled trusts allow people to reduce their countable income to qualify for Medicaid community services and home care so that they can live independently at home for as long as possible. Pooled trusts are also used to protect windfalls of money that would put a person over the limits to receive Medicaid or SSI benefits. This allows the individual to use the funds throughout their lifetime rather than having to spend them quickly to avoid an interruption or reduction in services. 

You will also receive the benefits of working with a team of representatives who will assist you in using the funds in the trust account. GCT of BDI reviews each request individually to consider its impact on government benefits and to spend funds wisely on life-enhancing purchases that are for your primary benefit. 

  • Protect excess monthly income to qualify for Medicaid 
  • Preserve funds to avoid going over the limits for SSI or Medicaid 
  • Plan for the future of a loved one with a disability 
  • Safeguard funds to be spent appropriately and wisely 
  • Non-profit trust administration for families who do not wish to serve as trustee 

By depositing your excess funds into a pooled trust, you can qualify and maintain financial eligibility for benefits and use the money in your trust account to pay for items and services that your benefits do not provide, such as monthly living expenses, uncovered medical costs, adaptive equipment, recreation, transportation, education, and other life-enhancing purchases. 

You can deposit funds into the trust by electronic deposits from your bank account or by mailing a check. 

When you wish to use the funds in your account, complete a disbursement request form and attach the appropriate documentation for the item or service you would like the trust to pay for. Certain fixed, recurring monthly expenses can be paid automatically on a scheduled day.  

A pooled trust is easy and inexpensive to establish because approved trust documents are already in place. To get started, complete the Joinder Agreement (trust application) for the trust you would like to establish from Trust Documents. 

For further instructions on where to send your application and initial deposit, visit Steps to Open a Pooled Special Needs Trust Account. 

We are here to help guide you through the enrollment process. Please call 678-365-0071 for assistance. 

The Individual with a Disability’s own money.  


If the trust is being funded by personal savings, gifts, an inheritance left directly to the individual with a disability, SSA back payments, child support or lawsuit settlement, choose Trust II or Trust IV. 


First Party Account 




A third party’s money.  


If the trust is being funded by someone else’s money, such as mom, dad, grandparents, friends, or other family, choose Trust I or Trust III. 


Third Party Account 

A pooled trust is irrevocable in order to protect a person’s financial eligibility for benefits. So, the funds cannot simply be returned to you. If you have questions, contact customer service at 678-365-0071.  

If you move out of state, you will still be able to utilize the funds in your trust account. Depending on the benefit rules in the new state, GCT of BDI may continue to provide the same services it provides to residents of Georgia. However, there is no guarantee that this trust account will protect your eligibility for means-tested benefits in another state. To continue receiving benefits in the new state, you must consult the applicable state laws. 

The assets in certain trust accounts may be invested. Trust funds are invested according to the Trust investment policy, which is administered by a financial institution and approved by GCT of BDI. 

GCT of BDI’s investment management company is True Link Financial. Each invested sub-trust account owns a pro-rata share of the investments, which are subject to market fluctuations. 

If you have questions, contact customer service at 678-365-0071.  

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