The Trust

The Georgia Community Trust of AADD

Established in 1998, the Georgia Community Trust remains the first Georgia-based Pooled Special Needs trust designed to improve the quality of life for all individuals living with disabilities while providing resources for their ongoing supplemental needs and supports.

The goal of the Georgia Community Trust of AADD (GCT of AADD) is to provide a resource that affords financial security to all individuals living with a disability, provide a means of supplemental support to enhance the quality of life for the beneficiary, while safeguarding their public benefits.

Georgia Community Trust of AADD is managed by AADD, Inc. with approval of the Social Security Administration and the Georgia Department of Community Health.

Read the Georgia Community Trust of AADD Amended and Restated Master Trust Agreement

Establishing a Georgia Community Trust Account

A “first-party” sub-account with the Trust can be established by the beneficiary’s parent(s), grandparent(s), legal guardian or conservator, grandparent, a court, or the beneficiary. A First Party Trust is often funded using settlement funds or personal funds of the beneficiary.

1st Party Joinder Agreement

A “third-party” sub-account with the Trust can be established by anyone and is funded using monetary gifts or donations of someone other than the beneficiary.

3rd Party Joinder Agreement

Qualified Beneficiaries

Any Georgia resident living with a disability as determined for the purposes of SSI and Medicaid.

Account Administration

Administration of a Special Needs Trust must follow strict guidelines set forth by state and federal agencies in order to maintain eligibility for public benefits for the beneficiary of the trust.

The Georgia Community Trust administers the Trust by:

  • Making the necessary deposits and disbursements.
  • Maintaining a separate sub-account for the beneficiary.
  • Investing the excess funds to generate investment income, while making an effort to preserve capital.
  • Allocating the investment income to the beneficiary’s account on a weighted average basis of the account balances during the period.
  • Preparing and distributing an annual financial summary of the beneficiary’s account.
  • Preparing and filing the U.S. and Georgia Fiduciary Tax Returns (when necessary).
  • Providing the annual financial information required by the Georgia Department of Community health (when required).


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