Trust in Your Future: A guide to setting you Your Special Needs Pooled Trust Account

Our easy to navigate guidebook will help you set up your Special Needs Pooled Trust Account, and walk you through general questions as you set up your account.



The Georgia Community Trust of AADD is open to any Georgia resident living with a disability (as defined by Social Security), regardless of the nature of the disability.


First Party Trust

First Party Trust are funded with the Beneficiary’s own money, typically through personal injury settlements, SSI back-payments, inheritances, or savings accounts, also known as a Self-Settled Trust.

Download the 1st Party Joinder Agreement 


Third Party Trust

Third Party Trusts are funded with a third party’s money (ex.Parents, Grandparents, etc.), on behalf of an individual living with a disability

Download the 3rd Party Joinder Agreement


Enrollment Fees

A one-time $900.00 fee will assessed for the creation of the account and the approval process with the Georgia Department of Community Health.


Submit completed Joinder Agreement to:

Georgia Community Trust

New Account Trust Advisor

Fax: 404.469.9337

Phone: 404.924.2015 ext. 201

Email: anita@aadd.org