What is the Georgia Community Trust?

The Georgia Community Trust is a pooled Special Needs Trust trust available to any Georgia resident with a disability.


The Georgia Community Trust is a pooled Special Needs Trust, which is a specific kind of fund that offers individuals and their loved ones a vehicle to save money for the future needs of the beneficiary without losing eligibility for public benefit programs such as Medicaid and SSI.

This supplemental fund can pay for an entire range of services and goods that are not covered by public programs under the care of a trustee such as a bank, attorney, or other entity.


To provide an investment option for families seeking to create a Special Needs Trust for a beneficiary with a disability.

Trust Sponsorship

The Trust was founded in 1997 by Ridgeview Institute, Inc, a nonprofit hospital. In 2015, sponsorship of The Trust was transferred to All About Developmental Disabilities (AADD) and is overseen by a separate board of trustees.


Wayne McMillan, Interim Executive Director, Email
Anita Gardner, New Account Trust Advisor, Email

Board of Directors, 2015

Raymond J. Brennan

Robert M. Fink

George Mabry

Denise A. Neal

Mark D. Trail

Cynthia A. Wainscott

Linda P. Wilson

Lynn M. Wilson